Technical Services

Red Spot Services

Red Spot supports its products, and customers, with an outstanding team of dedicated Technical Service professionals. We have Technical Service people located in strategic locations across the country, close to our customers, supplemented by dedicated technicians from our Evansville corporate headquarters. Formulating, color matching, manufacturing, and shipping a container of paint to our customer(s) is the beginning, not the completion, of our value proposition.

If painting a part successfully is truly a marriage of the paint and the process, Red Spot has built a strong reputation of helping our customers optimize this marriage. We offer data based solutions after disciplined problem solving techniques have been applied to any paint/process issues our customers encounter.

Our Technical Service personnel, then, become vital to the overall success of a new, or ongoing program. In today's fast paced environment, the production experts lean on their suppliers for specific expertise, expertise they need to lower scrap, improve yields, improve transfer efficiency, defect recognition and correction, fast changeovers, and other key factors that they depend on to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

For the vast majority of our customers, there is little room for error. These customers depend on Red Spot for our expertise and "can do" attitude towards their business. You might say that if our customers have a problem, we have a problem… and an opportunity.

Red Spot provides the following basic services to our customers, as well as other, specialized services:

  • Paint Trials
  • Technical Support
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Paint Adjustment
  • Problem Solving
  • Defect Causation

In addition to the above, Red Spot Technical Service team will provide the following when needed or requested:

  • Paint Line Audit
  • Cost Reduction Brainstorming
  • New Paint Line Design and Development Input
  • New Equipment Consultation

A Partner and a Team of Dedicated Professionals

In conclusion, when you choose to partner with Red Spot, you not only get an outstanding product, but an outstanding team of dedicated professionals, backing up and supporting our products.