Our History

About Red Spot Paint and Varnish CO. Inc

Red Spot Paint and Varnish Company's success is rooted in its people. Innovative and hard working; People who believe in giving a day’s work for a day’s pay - with a smile on their face.

Red Spot Paint and Varnish CO., Inc. began in 1903, in small town Evansville, Indiana on the banks of the Ohio River. Although overshadowed by two other American Corporations that also began in that year, Ford Motor Company and Harley-Davidson, Red Spot has grown from a small, family business, manufacturing barn and carriage paint sold primarily in the Ohio valley, to a major, global manufacturer of high performance, highly engineered automotive and other specialty coatings.

With its headquarters and primary manufacturing facility still in Evansville, Indiana, you could say that Red Spot Paint, is, and continues to be, an American Success story.

As the world changed, so too did Red Spot. In its early days, people wanted coatings for wood-houses, barns, buggies, carriages, and the early automobiles. In the late 1930’s an opportunity to develop a coating for a brand new material surfaced — plastic. Plastic soon became a “growth industry” in the U.S. and globally. Red Spot was right there, with new, first-of-a-kind coating technologies for plastic that would eventually revolutionize the industry.

The rest is history. Red Spot began developing highly engineered, high performance coatings for the automotive, appliance, cosmetics, and other industries. Seventy years later, we are still supplying these “core” industries and markets. You will find Red Spot coatings on just about every Ford car and truck produced in North America, including models launching next year.

Red Spot still serves as a global leader in some of these technologies today, and continues to support new markets and applications that were unheard of twenty years ago. This includes: Solar, Mobile Devices, Optics, as well as new materials that people want coated.