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Pigmented Coatings

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In today's world of complex color palettes, Red Spot is a leader in innovative color design and development for pigmented coatings. Red Spot's research and development group recognizes that color development is at the forefront of all design components. Following our parent company's Management Philosophy: "We aim to create highly-sensitive coating materials that co-exist happily with the Earth." Red Spot actively works on "greening" our color design along with our technology base in our daily activity.

A Coatings Leader

Red Spot is committed to actively investing our research and development dollars to develop new products that will help meet our customers' needs and expectations for more sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Over the years, we have received many high accolades for our functionality and design capabilities as one of the top manufactures of coatings for plastics in various fields. Red Spot is a coatings leader in early development of environmentally responsible waterborne coatings. By developing UV curable coatings, we have contributed to energy conservation and promoted low volatile organic compounds (VOC's) level in various coating applications.

Red Spot works relentlessly to find pigments that will enhance our coatings testing performance while remaining environmentally friendly. We ensure that our color design professionals are trained to understand the nuances of color development and the terminology used in the color approval process in order to provide a stronger background for communication at all levels. Our color development professionals also work on cost control during the color design process to aid in delivering cost responsible coatings to our clients.

Color Development Professionals

Red Spot has several teams of professionals dedicated to custom color development in order to meet your pigmented coating needs. Red Spot works closely with the OEM's to get the initial color approvals. Our work continues, as we partner with our customers to make sure the AAR part approval process is met. Diligently working with our customers to achieve success with their pigmented coating needs is a mainstay of our success.

Red Spot has multiple certified light booths and color laboratories dedicated to color design and development of pigmented coatings work to ensure excellence in our commitments to meet or exceed the needs of our customers. Our color professionals meticulously design pigmented coating to provide colors that satisfy both the eye and testing requirements set by the OEM's, Tier One's and all other needs.

Industry Leaders in Color Design

As an industry leader in color design and development, Red Spot's color professionals have extensive experience discerning the subtle differences in the three visual attributes of color: hue, chroma and lightness. Through visual and analytical diagnoses of the scales of chroma, hue and lightness/darkness, our color professionals are capable of evaluating and designing pigmented coatings that meet the most stringent color approval processes in a timely manner.

Red Spot's color development group is extremely proficient in the use of effect pigments which allows us to achieve colors with multiple uses and appeal. Working with a supply base that meets the needs of our global customers, Red Spots color science and color development groups secure pigments that adapt to the ever changing global environment.

Red Spot has one of the largest research & development units in the world working on coatings for plastics. Nearly 40% of the Red Spot workforce is involved in the development of new coatings. Work is focused on these core technologies:

  • Automotive Exterior Coatings
  • Automotive Interior Coatings
  • Automotive Lighting
  • Consumer Product Coatings

Innovative New Products and Improving Existing

In each core technology area, the focus is on innovative new products and continuous improvement to existing products. Outstanding performance is a hallmark of Red Spot's Thermal Cure technologies. Research has been the leading factor of Red Spot's success for more than 100 years and research will be the key to the future as the world becomes smaller and markets grow more global. Your Pigmented Coatings needs are a significant part of Red Spot's Research commitment. We will continue to push ourselves to learn more about the pigments we used in order to create coatings that are environmentally sound, test compliant and aesthetically pleasing.

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