Heavy Truck Market

Red Spot Market

The OEM heavy truck market mirrors the light vehicle market in many areas, and has proven to be quite complimentary, leveraging our knowledge, expertise, technologies, and solutions based offerings.

Heavy Truck Exterior

Red Spots success in exterior applications is grounded in our extensive, long term commitment to SMC body panels and under hood structural components. We were one of the first to supply a pop free primer, a very successful countermeasure to the largest defect category in Class A SMC parts outgassing during curing. Later technology breakthroughs in resin technology, as well as a thorough understanding of the key metrics during the molding and curing processes, have all but eliminated this defect. Next challenge was appearance increasing the DOI of the Class A part to compete with automotive finishes. The Red Spot solution was a primer whose characteristics drastically reduced orange peel, giving the base coast and top coat a better initial surface. Today, DOI numbers are much improved due to specially formulated, engineered primers developed by Red Spot. We also supply 1K/2K and 2K/2K base coat/clear coat systems to compliment our primers, giving the customer a complete, approved, trusted system.

Heavy Truck Interior

For interior applications, 1K and 2K rigid plastic coatings, from ultra low gloss to soft, to specially formulated scratch and mar resistant coatings, laser etch, and flexible skins, and coatings for non-rigid substrates of all types. Straight shades or exotic metallic and pearls, Red Spot can provide the look, feel, and technology for your needs.

Heavy Truck Lighting

Red Spot is the world leader in U.V. cured, scratch resistant hard coat for forward lighting applications. Our Gen 4 series of coatings meets all major OEM specifications, offering a proven, tested, well supported, cost competitive solution to your lens coating needs.

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