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Corporate Sustainability at Red Spot

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"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Human health is dependent on the healthy functioning of the earth's ecosystem. To achieve sustainability there is a need for holistic responses to global issues such as urbanization and energy overconsumption, and there is a need for better measures of ecological and social sustainability. Our world has been beaten up by neglect and the environmental irresponsibly of the masses. Red Spot is committed to voluntarily reducing our carbon footprint through our corporate environmental goals of:

  • Preservation of Natural Resources
  • Prevention of Pollution
  • Energy Conservation
  • Continual Improvement
  • Compliance

Red Spot, like our parent company, Fujikura Kasei (FKK), is striving to realize its demanding goals of environmental conservation and the strict adherence of health and safety. Focusing on ingenuity, we maintain our reputation as a trustworthy, environmentally aware and socially responsible coatings manufacturer.

FKK’s Management Philosophy: “We aim to create highly-sensitive coating materials that co-exist happily with the Earth.”

Red Spot is committed to actively invest our research and development dollars to work to develop new products that will help meet our customers' needs and expectations for more sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Concurrently, we are tackling evolving challenges by decreasing raw material and energy inputs into our products and continually working to reduce emissions in our manufacturing sites. Over the years, we have received many high accolades for our functionality and design capabilities as one of the top manufactures of coatings for plastics in various fields. Red Spot is a coatings leader in early development of environmentally responsible products such as waterborne coatings. By developing UV curable coatings, Red Spot has contributed to energy conservation and promoted low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) level in various coating applications.


Kaishin is a Japanese word that translates to “Change” and “Advance”. Red Spot by practice and design is in a constant state of kaishin to improve its processes both internally and for community stewardship. These efforts are related in kaishin programs that are ever evolving at all levels of Red Spot.

We believe the routine actions taken by each Red Spot employee will ultimately demonstrate our commitment and progress towards sustainable growth. People at all levels are the essence of our organization and are encouraged to focus on strategies and practices that are critical to integrating environmentally protective behaviors we are activity pursuing.

Sustainability by example:

  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions though research & manufacturing process improvements
  • Lighting & utility improvements throughout all Red Spot facilities
  • Reduction of disposable resources to reduce our landfill impact/carbon foot print

Environmental Stewardship:

  • Focused on development of Environmentally Friendly products from R&D
  • Internal Education/Communication of initiatives to reduce impact on landfill

Voluntary Initiatives with a community impact:

  • Employee & Corporate Recycling efforts to support environmental initiatives
  • Precede support of community programs like Habitat for Humanity & local schools

Wellness and safety:

  • Holistic health initiatives to support long term health goals of each employee
  • Safe work practices & surroundings
  • Exceeding expectations for governed health & safety regulations
  • Healthy life choices- diet and exercise education • Maintaining a work friendly wellness program

While we have made tremendous progress here at Red Spot, we recognize that environmental, health and safety concerns will always need to be addressed. We feel our employee and corporate responsibility is to work together to make a better tomorrow for future generations; or as our parent company would encourage, a state of constant Kaishin! Red Spot is determined to support the harmony between the environment, society and economic efficiency and to continue to strive to become a company in which society can place its trust.