Custom, Specialized Coatings for Plastic

Red Spot's core competency is custom, specialized coatings for plastic. For the past forty years, our largest market has been the OEM automotive market, providing interior, exterior, and forward lighting coatings for all applications. From an initial, lofty goal of $0.05 in revenue per vehicle in the 1960's, today we supply over $5.00 per assembled vehicle in the Americas.

Our customer base has grown over the years from the Big Three-GM, Ford, and Chrysler, to now include every OEM manufacturer in the Northern and Southern Americas-U.S., Asian, and European. We also support these customers globally, which is a given in today's global economy.

From this strong base, Red Spot has diversified into carefully chosen markets that complement our commitment to non-commodity, high performance coatings that fill a niche, add value, and form the basis of long term relationships with our customers. We are not producing 'me too' products for these markets, but rather new or improved solutions, in terms of performance, quality, cost, and flexibility. This Red Spot innovation has in turn allowed our customers to strengthen their position in existing markets and enter new markets. A win-win.

Red Spot Markets served include:

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