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Laser Etch Coatings

Red Spot enjoys a long history with Laser-Etchable coating systems. Since its introduction to the market in 1985 for painting car radio buttons, Red Spot has been leading the way with innovative improvements to make its laser-etch coating the industries superlative choice. Our 318LE & 318LEM coatings have met OEM approvals at GM, Ford, and Daimler Chrysler for over 20 years. Along with the automotive industry, Red Spot's laser-etch coatings are also used in the aerospace industry and heavy truck industry as well as other industries for radios, automatic temperature controls and door panel switches.

Leading the way for Multiple Laser Etch Applications

As one of the first and primary manufacturers of a laser-etchable coating systems globally, Red Spot has lead the way for multiple application uses that are durable enough to stand up to the most stringent of automotive testing processes. Red Spot's laser-etch coatings provide our customers with many outstanding benefits with no obstacles. Red Spot's laser-etch coatings feature:

  • High Solids
  • Low VOC
  • HAPS Compliance
  • Excellent stain and chemical resistance
  • Outstanding Natural and Artificial Weathering
  • Two component (2K) coatings with no pot life issues
  • Convection and IR Baking Capability
  • Adhesion to a wide variety of rigid substrates
  • Unique Finishes using effects pigments (metallic & pearls)
  • Spray via hand or robot
  • Moderate Energy Cure

Custom colors for your laser etch needs

Red Spot's vast knowledge and experience with laser-etchable coatings enables us to better understand the needs of our customer as we work closely with individual companies to create custom colors that fit their unique laser-etch needs. Red Spot understands that laser programs are as individual as the people who use them and that perfecting the color palette is reflected in the need for customer specific, OEM approved specifications through AAR parts approvals.

Our coatings are designed to pass testing specifications but our color development specialists team works with you for optimum color performance. Colors are designed to prevent imperfections when lasering through careful pigment selection in the development process. Red Spot's laser-etch coating system can be used as a mono-coat, duo-coat and/or tri-coat, making it easier for multiple applications throughout the vehicle.

For specific information on a particular Laser-Etch product,contact us.