FKK and Red Spot Worldwide Locations Corporate Sustainability Efforts

Letter from our President

Welcome to Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co, Inc. corporate website. We appreciate your interest in our company. Red Spot is a global leader in the development, production, application, and service of high-performance coatings, providing and anticipating innovative coating solutions to the industry’s current and future needs.

Red Spot was founded in 1903 and our headquarters is in Evansville, Indiana our campus houses administration, R&D and manufacturing. We have an additional manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico. We ship coatings around the world, supporting both our core automotive OEM customers, as well as the other markets we serve. In 2008 Red Spot was purchased by Fujikura Kasei, Ltd., a partner we have had license agreements with dating back to the early 1970s, as well as a strategic global alliance beginning in 2000. Fujikura Kasei mirrors many of our products and markets, as well as key customers in Asia, so we are well positioned to move forward, leveraging, and managing our business together in a true synergistic fashion. 

Red Spot is a technology-driven company, investing over 10% of our revenues each year in R&D. We have a long history of leading the industry with exciting coatings innovations and have a very strong foundation of success. To meet the demands of an increasingly global, competitive marketplace, we must have an uncompromising focus on delivering value to the market and our customers, in terms of performance, cost, ease of use, support, and sustainability. 

We are devoted to helping the world become a better place through our management practices and environmental improvement objectives. This is not easy when many of our raw materials are petroleum-based resins, solvents, additives, and pigments, but we are committed to being greener and cleaner in our R&D, operations, and business practices. Equally important is our commitment to new technology developments which enable the industry we serve to also meet their sustainability targets. 

We continue to implement our growth strategy, which is about driving growth in three dimensions. First, our core business, which includes automotive exterior, lighting, and interior coatings for plastic substrates. Second, initiatives that expand our core competencies in innovative coatings solutions into new markets such as alternative energy, heavy truck, sports, film and sheet, and containers. And third, Red Spot strives to expand in our strategic geographic markets of Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South America, and South Korea through direct supply or our global network. 

We have a motto here at Red Spot, “More than Paint” which in my mind means we go the extra mile to make sure our product quality is consistent, our service is superior, and our relationships with our customers and OEMs are exceptional. I started at Red Spot as a chemist in 1994 and have worked with every department and at every facility throughout my career developing, promoting, and managing our products. I have seen Red Spot go through many changes. One thing that has remained a consistent strength is our people. Being “More than Paint” is only possible through our strong team members which are committed, knowledgeable and help each other understand and improve. 

We are a trusted partner to the industry, and this is a credit to everyone’s reliability and commitment to constantly improve to have earned this status. 

 Best Regards, 

Jeff Scheu
President and CEO