Red Spot Services

Here at Red Spot we are INSPIRING INGENUITY with the many different services that revolve around our development & production portion of the business.

Analytical Sciences Services

Red Spot's Analytical Sciences Department provides a value added service for the customer. We are committed to helping the customer understand and solve problems that may arise in the coating process. Get more information about our Analytical Science Services>

Test Lab Services

The Test Lab at Red Spot Paint & Varnish Company, Inc is an A2LA Accredited laboratory. The lab can provide top quality physical testing in a timely and efficient manner. Get more information about our Test Lab Services>

Technical Services

Red Spot supports its products, and customers, with an outstanding team of dedicated Technical Service professionals. We have Technical Service people located in strategic locations across the country, close to our customers, supplemented by dedicated technicians from our Evansville corporate headquarters. Formulating, color matching, manufacturing, and shipping a container of paint to our customer(s) is the beginning, not the completion, of our value proposition. Get more information about our Technical Services>