Transportation (Non-Auto) Market

Red Spot Market

While Red Spot's core market is OEM automotive, it was a logical extension to look to other markets that share many similarities with automotive in terms of specifications, performance, appearance, longevity, and other attributes the customer base required. Red Spot looked for specific applications for its high performance coatings-for-plastics expertise and found a number of applications.

Heavy Truck

The OEM heavy truck market mirrored the light vehicle market in many areas, and was a perfect opportunity to cross pollinate our technologies and expertise. For exterior applications, primers, adhesion promoters, 1K and 2K top coats and clear coats. For interior applications, 1K and 2K rigid plastic coatings, from ultra low gloss to soft, to specially formulated scratch and mar resistant coatings, laser etch, flexible skin, to name a few.

Personal Transportation

Motorcycles, Personal watercraft, snow mobiles, and ATV's make up a significant market for Red Spot products and solutions. Besides these products named above, elaborate hydrographic base coats and clear coats are very popular, as well as class leading flexible skins for seats applications.


Red Spot is the leader in laser etch 2K solvent borne paints for radios, GPS, and other buttons, dials, fuses, and other specialized needs in the cockpit. Our line of specialized paints are renowned for their laser ability, strong, opaque colors, and ease of application.

Golf Carts

Red Spot's portfolio includes specialized coatings for all types of plastic, rigid and soft, thermoset and thermoplastic. Golf carts are a perfect application, and we can meet your requirements for appearance and performance.

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