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Arpol Red Spot Tintas

Arpol Red Spot Tintas (ARST) is a joint venture between Red Spot Paint and its long time partner in Brazil; Arpol Tintas. Arpol has been servicing South America with liquid and powder coatings for numerous markets ranging from motorcycle helmets to ATM's over its 26 year history.

Since the alliance between Red Spot and Arpol began in 2003, Arpol has also become the supplier of choice to all forward lighting and all Japanese automotive interior customers in South America. Investing in ARST solidifies the FGN's commitment to the growth of the South American market and the importance of local supply and support.

With 65 employees, 2 facilities encompassing over 5000 m2, and the backing of the entire FGN, ARST is positioned to continue it's phenomenal growth based on a high quality of service and unmatched technical expertise.

Red Spot Korea


Red Spot majority owned joint venture established in 1998 to serve the South Korean market with locally manufactured UV curable coatings. Red Spot Korea has a total capacity of 12,000 gallons per month (per shift), 5 technical service and sales experts, 6 chemists and engineers, and state of the art application and analytical labs. Utilizing these resources,  Red Spot Korea works with its customers beginning at the design phase and continuing to support through the life of every program.

Headquartered in Seoul and with offices in Gimhae and a factory in Choongjoo, distribution and technical service is never far from the customer. With this strong organization, it has been able to capture a majority share of the forward lighting business in Korea and is expanding to serve the Korean market with additional  products from Red Spot's portfolio.

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