Corporate Sustainability FKK and Red Spot Worldwide Locations

Environmental Requirements

Environment at Red Spot

The Contractor is financially responsible for on-site Environmental Remediation Actions resulting from incidents involving their employees' and sub-contractors. To minimize the risk of environmental, health and safety incidents please review and agree to the below requirements and submit evaluation for contractor approval. The individual who will be working at/on the Red Spot property must be the person completing and submitting both evaluation and agreement.

Environmental Management System Requirements

Please Note: The EMS Management Representative is the Corporate EHS Manager.

  • Contractor understands the importance of Compliance with relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulations, and the consequences of Non-Compliance.
  • All Contractors working at the facility are required to comply with and ensure their employees' and any Sub-Contractors or Agents comply with the Facility's Environmental Management System (EMS) and Environmental Policy.
  • All Contractors acknowledge receiving or were made aware of the facility's Environmental Policy, as well as applicable Systems Procedures and the Red Spot Contractor Safety Guidelines.
  • Contractors shall not discharge anything to drains and/or sewers without prior approval from the facility's EMS Management Representative. The EMS Management Representative is the Corporate EMS Manager. Contractors shall provide adequate Spill Release Prevention, as approved by the Facility's EMS Management Representative.
  • Contractors shall properly label, store, and dispose of all their waste materials used on-site in accordance with the Facility's Procedures and all Legal Requirements.
  • If Facility Personnel are required to work with potentially Hazardous Materials brought on-site by a Contractor, prior approval of the material by the EMS Management Representative is required.
  • Contractors shall minimize the effects of noise, odor, light, fugitive dust emissions, and traffic movement on and/or adjacent to the Facility's Property. Contractors shall obtain, prior to commencing work, all necessary Environmental Approvals or Permits and present them to the EMS Management Representative or Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Contractors shall provide, prior to receipt of a purchase order and to commencing work, copies of a current Certificate of Insurance.
  • Suppliers/Contractors were informed of actions to be taken during an actual emergency situation.
  • Contractor understands and acknowledges the importance of following all of the Health & Safety Procedures and Environmental Management System Requirements.